Bar D Bar Trucking was shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on March 11 after an investigation found the company to pose an imminent hazard to public safety.

The Gillette, Wyo.-based seven-truck carrier and company owner and operator Gregory Davis, was shut down by FMCSA for multiple safety regulation violations. Violations found during the investigation include:

  • Failing to conduct pre-employment background checks on drivers
  • Failing to ensure drivers were qualified before dispatching them
  • Failing to properly monitor drivers to ensure compliance with hours-of-service requirements
  • Failing to conduct random drug and alcohol tests on drivers
  • Using a driver who tested positive for a controlled substance
  • Failing to ensure its vehicles were regularly inspected, maintained and repaired and that they met minimum safety standards

FMCSA shuts down carrier for bevy of driver-related violations, shuts down trucker following hit and run

A South Carolina driver was effectively shut down by the FMCSA after his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run crash in February, and a Massachusetts-based trucking …

Additionally, FMCSA found Bar D Bar Trucking allowed Davis to operate a truck despite not holding a valid CDL and being subject to a lifetime CDL disqualification.

“Bar D Bar Trucking’s continued continued use of unsafe vehicles and its failure to adequately oversee its drivers to ensure compliance with federal safety regulations substantially increases the likelihood of serious harm to its drivers and to the motoring public,” FCMSA said in its out-of-service order.

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