Workplace inspections reduce the risk of occupational injuries and illnesses by identifying unsafe and unhealthy conditions and providing the opportunity for such hazards to be abated before injuries or illness occur. Periodic facility inspections also provide an opportunity to verify compliance with applicable regulations and established workplace safety standards.

OSHA Inspectors focus on 5 areas:

  • Imminent Danger
  • Fatalities and Catastrophes (resulting in hospitalization of 3 or more employees)
  • Employee Complaints/Referrals
  • Programmed High-Hazard Inspections
  • Follow-ups to Previous Inspections

The best way to prepare for potential or scheduled OSHA inspections is by having Craig Safety conduct a mock audit/inspection to determine if you are following OSHA regulations and can pass a formal inspection.

What happens during a Craig Safety inspection?

A Craig Safety inspection is a fact-finding exercise, not a fault-finding exercise. Our expert Consultants look for what is right as well as for what is wrong and document on both good and bad practices. They talk to employees and ask about their concerns. They look outside the usual eye level – look up, look down, look into closed rooms, look behind, and look around. They point out immediate dangers for correction on the spot and note other items on their report. They will record all questionable items, take photos of the potential violations, and summarize it all in an easy to understand, customized report.

Our final report includes a comprehensive evaluation of our findings – what is working well and what improvements are needed. We will provide an overall score to show what rating OSHA would provide based on your current safety environment. We will make recommendations for changes that, if implemented, will bring you into compliance so that when OSHA shows up for a surprise Inspection, you know you have nothing to worry about.



Level of Safety and Health Program

5 Outstanding Program
4 Superior Program
3 Basic Program
2 Developmental Program
1 No Program or Ineffective Program

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