Risk Management Training

The CSM™ Risk Management Training Solution is an easy-to-use online employee safety training/tracking software management tool which helps you manage safety and risk more efficiently and cost effectively.

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Know who needs to be trained on what and when.

Now you can plan and prepare for training without the last minute scrambling that occurs when recurring training becomes due. Run a report to show overdue and upcoming training for the next period of time that you define, and see what’s coming up while you still have time to prepare and schedule.

Easily track Employee Safety Training, HR Training, Internal/External Training, and more.

Do you have training records stored in different systems, file cabinets, or within various groups? With CSM’s Training Program, you can consolidate these disparate systems into one and always know where to find all your training records.

Manage and share your training data across your company in a central repository.

Whether you want to provide more transparency to training records for everyone or just standardize a back-office system for training records administrators and managers, CSM’s Training Program allows you to create login accounts to define who can login, view, or edit the training records database.

Eliminate the tedious, time-consuming work spent preparing training compliance reports.

If you have been working with a paper or Excel based tracking system, you know how much work it takes to determine whether an individual is compliant with required training. Summarizing compliance metrics for a Group or the entire Company can be a daunting task without a training records database. With CSM’s Training Program, you can print these reports at any time without the trouble of manually collating and preparing the data.

Compliance Safety Manager Training Program Features:

  • Track training records and status company-wide, or drill into individual training status.
  • Assign required training by individual, job function, or group.
  • Retrain based on calendar time, course version, or one time only.
  • Schedule and manage class sessions and student enrollments.
  • Record attendance, training completion, and cancellations.
  • Record training credits, training hours, and assessment scores.
  • Print status reports to demonstrate training compliance.
  • Print employee transcripts, training plans, certificates, and signup sheets
  • Save file attachments associated with the records.
  • Export data and reports to multiple formats.
  • Send class session reminders by email.
  • Email and share training results with Partners, vendors, and others needing verification.

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