Three-truck Ohio-based fleet Garfield Trucking has been issued an effective shutdown order following a roadside inspection that yielded dozens of violations and subsequent noncooperation from the carrier during an FMCSA inspection.

The Jefferson, Ohio-based fleet in one roadside inspection in early October had 43 federal safety violations, FMCSA says, including 13 out-of-service violations, including inoperable brakes, cracked frame rails, improper load securement and falsified logs.

The inspection prompted an unscheduled on-site compliance review. When FMCSA investigators arrived at the company’s premises, however, there was a sign that said the company was out of business.

FMCSA then sent subpoenas to collect documents from the company, which have not been provided, FMCSA says.

“Due to the denial of access, Garfield Trucking has been unwilling to produce proof to FMCSA that the company has a safety program,” FMCSA said in its announcement of the shutdown. “Garfield Trucking’s refusal to allow FMCSA access, its continued operation despite two out-of-service orders, its continued use of unsafe vehicles and its failure to comply with hours-of-service regulations designed to prevent fatigued driving substantially increase the likelihood of serious harm to drivers, passengers and the motoring public.”

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