You don’t need a weather man to know that it is almost winter and with that will come the potential for extreme storms. Before they hit, prepare your business to handle extreme cold and snow. Take action this fall to protect employees from injuries and illnesses, minimize damage and recover quicker following a winter storm situation. Here’s a quick checklist to help you get ready.

  1. Get familiar with NOAA National Weather Service and weather warning systems.
  2. Replenish emergency stockpiles and supplies in a safe location onsite.
  3. Prepare for power outages: test the back-up emergency power generator, and back-up heating source.
  4. Check condition of sandbags, shovels, road salt or ice melt.
  5. Have a business emergency/continuity plan.
  6. Maintain an inventory of all equipment and assets for your business in the event of structural damage.
  7. Review FEMA’s Emergency Checklist as you prepare your emergency kit.
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