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Monthly Driver Log Audits

Did you know that FMCSA expects you to audit your logs every month? Even Owner Operators are required to audit their own logs. Log auditing should involve supporting documents, such as, fuel, toll, Bills of Lading, shipping papers and other receipts that the driver collects throughout the day. A good log audit will also use mileage and GPS to determine accuracy of log data.

Log Audits are used to determine compliance and measure safety of the driver in regard to the Hours of Service. Failure to complete monthly log audits could result in Criminal and Civil Prosecution.

If your drivers are involved in an accident, then you are responsible, regardless of who is at fault! That could mean that a driver could be at fault if he was stopped or even if he was not supposed to be there.

When new laws took place July 2013 Hours of Service rules got a new definition and new fines.

Egregious violations as of July 2013

“Driving (or allowing a driver to drive) more than 3 hours beyond the driving-time limit may be considered an “egregious” violation and subject to the maximum civil penalties. Also applies to passenger-carrying drivers.”

These fines can range from $0 – $2,750 per offense for drivers and $0 – $11,000 per carrier.

Drivers and carriers are being sued for millions of dollars for accidents involving hours of service violations, among other violations.

Lost Loads and Business

Many brokers and clients will not allow the company to move freight if the company as a whole exceeds the CSA Hours of Service Threshold of 65%. In fact, they are looking at all of your CSA scores that exceed thresholds to determine whether they will do business with you.

The Craig Safety Approach

  • Logs are received monthly along with supporting documents
  • Logs are audited using our program that meets FMCSA requirements for audits
  • Letters for each driver are generated
  • Overview of all violation is generated
  • Logs and all documents including audit results are returned to the carrier
  • CSA Scores – when CSA puts out the monthly scores CST will send you the information and suggestions to help you improve your scores.

Craig Safety wants to help you know where your problems lie or where you are successful. At Craig Safety we work with you and your team to quickly and simply implement a plan to get you back on the right road.

Did you also know that Electronic Logs (E-Logs) need to be audited? If you are using E-Logs you have already seen how much easier it is to keep track of your driver logs. However, as with almost everything there are ways to falsify even E-Logs.

Let us keep you compliant and in the know with our driver log software!

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