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Records Compliance Management Solution – Driver File DOT Compliance

The transportation industry is complicated and time consuming. The paperwork and regulations alone require special attention and typically more payroll hours.  With CST’s, Records Compliance Manager (RCM), Driver Qualification Files, Driver Training and log auditing can be easily managed with our software platform, providing a compliant solution, complete with alerts for expirations. All the needed documentation and information for Driver compliance is literally at the tips of your fingers.

The Craig Safety Technologies Approach:

Craig Safety Technologies will create, manage and track Driver Qualification File information.

  • Craig Safety Technologies will advise management of the current drivers missing documentation in their Driver Qualification file.
  • Craig Safety Technologies will perform Inquiry Checks on drivers as requested.
  • Craig Safety Technologies will provide MVR retrieval on drivers as requested.
  • Craig Safety Technologies will provide online access via our proprietary software of the current compliance status of the client’s drivers.
  • Craig Safety Technologies also includes monthly log audit and CSA overviews.

The company information and files are easily viewed by your company’s designated managers.  So while CST is handling the information, the company can also check for information as well.

RCM can help you prepare for a DOT audit.

Many companies, although seemingly running safely, find themselves unprepared for a DOT audit.  RCM provides the tool to gather and update all required information and CST staff will run the necessary reports to give to the DOT.

Using RCM correctly and with CST’s support, you can rely on your records to be picture perfect so that your attention can be focused on your business and the safety of your company.  this brings a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind.


CSM notifies you via email when a license or any other activity is up for renewed. It takes the worry out of meeting deadlines and managing your company’s information.

Craig Safety can manage your vehicle files, as well.  Refer to our software solution Compliance Safety Manager, or speak to a representative for more information.

Compliance Safety Manager

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