Kansas City Mo. – Craig Safety Technologies, Inc. (CST) announces its partnership with Pedigree Technologies, LLC, to help carriers comply with FMCSA regulations by combining CST’s  robust compliance management software and consulting expertise with Pedigree Technologies OneView® fleet management software.

“This strategic relationship will help give our customers the best resources for achieving and maintaining compliance,” said Brenda Craig, owner of CST. “By coupling our consulting and technology services with Pedigree’s EOBR solution, we can offer a complete solution set for companies who face challenges in meeting government regulations.”

With over 30 years of experience in safety and compliance, CST provides consulting and compliance software for organizations across multiple industries.  CST developed the industry’s first comprehensive customizable patented software, Compliance Safety Manager™, to document DOT and OSHA compliance activities necessary to comply with federal and state mandates. This technology and expertise helps clients improve and maintain CSA scores, which can ultimately impact their revenue.

Pedigree Technologies OneView® provides web- and tablet-based applications allowing companies to locate and monitor vehicles, equipment, and mobile workers from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection. In early 2012, the company released FleetPOV, a tablet app for capturing driver Hours of Service (HOS), and generating electronic log books, along with other compliance features. The app turns in-cab tablets into Electronic Onboard Recorders (EOBR) and fulfills recent FMCSA mandates by integrating with the engine computer.

“As the transportation industry changes, so do our solution offerings to help companies comply with the ever-changing regulations,” said Alex Warner, founder and CEO of Pedigree Technologies.  “Our goal at Pedigree is to provide our customers with the tools and technology they need to make their jobs easier. By partnering with the experts at Craig Safety Technologies, we can provide long-term support relationships for managing compliance. ”

This partnership will help transportations companies affected by the July passage of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), which could require all commercial motor vehicles to have an EOBR device as early as 2015. “In order for a business to effectively utilize an EOBR solution they need trained employees, extended support, and a deep understanding of how industry rules and regulations will affect them,” said Craig. Pedigree and CST will use their relationship to ensure internal staff is trained on new rules and procedures, and are empowered to manage the new devices..

About Craig Safety Technologies

Craig Safety Technologies, Inc. provides consulting services and technology solutions for businesses needing to meet various government compliance regulations. Founded in 1998 by Brenda Craig, CST delivered the industry’s first comprehensive patented software to document DOT and OSHA compliance activities necessary to comply with federal mandates. In 2010, CST released Compliance Safety Manager™, a highly flexible web-based solution that enables organizations to manage compliance across multiple agencies including OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA in a single repository. CST, a woman owned business, specializes in providing accountability and risk management for personnel and equipment assets for organizations across multiple industries.  For more information, visit www.craigsafetytechnologies.com

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is a provider of web- and tablet-based applications, giving organizations real-time visibility into their operations and empowering them to locate, monitor, and diagnose stationary and mobile assets. Pedigree’s solutions provide an operations command center that increase efficiencies, improve workflow, manage inventories and logistics, and maintain equipment – all in one simple system. For more information, visit www.pedigreetechnologies.com.