Capital-Intensive Business Passes Rigorous Regulatory Audits,
Reduces Legal Exposure with Compliance Safety Software

With 150 Vehicles and Six Locations, Mid-America Redi-Mix Relies on
Compliance Safety Manager™ to Avoid Costly Fines, Lost Time

Kansas City, MO. – March 16, 2011 – Mid-America Redi-Mix, Inc., a leading Midwestern concrete and construction services company, relies on Compliance Safety ManagerTM to manage inspection, repair and licensing needs for nearly 150 vehicles at six Midwestern locations. Compliance Safety Manager is a comprehensive and highly flexible web-based solution that enables organizations to create a defensible framework for regulatory compliance across multiple agencies — including OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA — in a single repository. Compliance Safety Manager is distributed by Craig Safety Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of safety and risk management solutions for personnel and equipment assets.

Based in Hutchinson, Kansas, Mid-America Redi-Mix has been a leading provider of ready-mixed concrete, cement and plaster, concrete manufacturing and related services since 1978. Companies like Mid-America Redi-Mix use Compliance Safety Manager to create and manage equipment and personnel records that help them pass state and federal inspections, avoid lawsuits and costly fines. Inspections, licensing and maintenance for people and equipment can create thousands of new physical files for small- and medium-sized businesses every year. Keeping on top of all licensing and inspection dates while efficiently documenting compliance for third parties generates considerable savings and peace of mind for Mid-America Redi-Mix.

“It is impossible to quickly search the mountain of paperwork that is generated by driver and vehicle regulatory requirements. Many companies discover this too late; a DOT inspector is knocking on the door and they’re scrambling to demonstrate compliance,” said Marc Westhoff, president of Mid-America Redi-Mix. “With Compliance Safety Manager, we have the documentation management that has helped us avoid costly litigation and meet federal DOT inspectors with confidence. It ensures that we are continually on top of all our compliance issues.”

About Craig Safety Technologies

Craig Safety Technologies, Inc. (CST) was founded in 1998 by Brenda Craig, an acknowledged leader in industrial safety and compliance. CST provides accountability and risk management for personnel and equipment assets for organizations across multiple industries. In 2004, CST delivered the industry’s first comprehensive patented software to document DOT and OSHA compliance activities necessary for compliance with federal mandates. In 2010 the company delivered a comprehensive compliance framework deployed in a web-based (SaaS) model.  For more information, please visit

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